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Hand crafted...What does that mean?

Steve and I created Millbrook Valley Chocolates to give people memorable, happy experiences! From our chocolates to our fun-filled classes and awesome parties, or our way cool ice cream alley, it is all about the experience!

Our chocolate is handmade! We are one of the last handcrafted (i.e., no machinery) chocolatiers in Ontario! We are not open more because each week it takes several days to make the chocolate you see in the shop. We hand paint each and every truffle shell. We hand dip almost all chocolate case yummies. There is no enrobing machine. There is no team of chocolatiers. It is me, hubby Steve, and when we are really busy, maybe, a helper once a week. That’s all folks! Yes, it is exhausting. And it doesn’t matter if its Christmas, Easter, or the dead of January. It’s still just us.

I am also very particular about what we sell, and this takes time, too. We could use extenders for shelf life or extracts and flavorings, but I like to know each and every ingredient and where I bought that ingredient from and that its fresh and in season! Our truffle flavors change because we use fresh fruits and purees when they are in season!. Because everything we make is from scratch, it takes longer to get our confections to the shelves! Customers that have been with us for a while know this and remember to order in advance, which we love! We have chocolate and cake orders and customers coming from all over Ontario.






This Months Flavor Profiles


Lavender Fields

Real Lavender Oil Extracted From Organic Buds and Added to 60% Belgium Chocolate.


Baileys Irish Cream

No Others Words Are Needed!


Salty Caramel

Home Made Caramel and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Perfect Combinations!


Double Milk

Amazingly Creamy Belgium Chocolates. Pure and Simple


Double Dark

54% Combined With 60% Belgium Chocolate.



Combining Organic Espresso With 54% Semi Sweet Belgium Chocolate. The Perfect Balance


Blue Raspberry Balsamic

Pureed Raspberries and Italian Balsamic Vinegar. Exotic Flavor


Island Spice

Pineapples, Mangos, and a Hint of Spice!


Creme Brulee

Beautiful Creamy White Chocolate Mixed With Vanilla and Toasted Brown Sugar


Strawberry Basil Cream

A Victorian Cream At Its Best! Real Strawberry Puree Combined With Extract Basil Oil. Very Organic.


Maple Vanilla

Organic Local Maple Syrup and Beautiful Vanilla Beans



Pure Organic Lemon Juice Combined With Rich Creamy White Chocolate

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